Are your products genetically modified?

No. Our products are not genetically modified.

Does Trusted Freshness® produce taste better than other produce?

We think our greens taste fantastic; however, we may be a bit biased. To find a store where Trusted Freshness® produce is available, click here.

Is Trusted Freshness® produce grown locally?

Our produce is grown in Leduc, Alberta. In the past much of the produce sold in our area came from the southern United States and Mexico.

Is anything added or applied to the plants while they are growing?

Trusted Freshness® produce is given the water, nutrients and light needed for healthy growth. Nothing else is added.

Is Trusted Freshness® produce available all year round?

Yes. Since the produce is grown indoors, weather does not limit our growing season. To find a store near you where our produce is available, click here.