Franchise Opportunity

Trusted Freshness® offers our vertical farming franchisees an exclusive turn-key operation, with Trusted Freshness™ looking after most aspects associated with the operation.

A key advantage of the Trusted Freshness® franchise is that our company has designed its vertical farming offering to keep franchisee operating costs low.  This is accomplished by sharing the cost of operating businesses in co-located facilities with other franchisees, sharing marketing, logistical management and other costs.

✓ Proven vertical farming technology installed and commissioned by our technicians
✓ In-house hands-on certified grower and business training
✓ Co-located facilities for shared costs, permitting, equipment and labour
✓ Single source of seed and packaging supplies

✓ Single source of grower sales contracts, production management and logistics
✓ Collaborative food safety HACCP and CanadaGap certification for increased market share
✓ Shared insurance costs
✓ Shared utilization of marketing services provided by the Trusted Freshness® Vertical Growers Network

– Single desk management of buyer relationships
– Provision of sales and marketing staff that specializes in selling to known buyers and end-users
– Supply packaging, storage and logistics for harvested products
– Accounting management
– Assistance with HACCP and CanadaGap audits
– Single source purchasing, supply and warehouse management for all grower consumables